Certificate of Appropriateness

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Certificate of Appropriateness Checklist

A COA is required for any change to the exterior of a building, any new construction (including accessory buildings, pergolas, patios, etc.) or any changes to the property site (landscaping, fence, driveway, parking lot). In-kind repairs (no change in materials, size, color) do not require a COA.


A completed application must include: COA application, fee, and all required supporting documents. The fee is paid and accepted when the COA application and supporting documents are submitted. Application must be complete by the deadline.


color graphic with dimensions of sign, lettering sign board materials sign post dimensions, materials sign placement

Exterior Painting

suppliers paint samples for siding, trim


site plan showing fence location height and fence materials vinyl fences and privacy fences that run along the street are not permitted.

Major Landscaping

drawing of location where tree/large shrubs are to be removed or planted. reason for removing a mature canopy tree.

Patios, walkways, driveways

Site drawing showing location and remaining open space materials type and design of driveway


type, material, design, orientation, and location of fixture catalog copy wattage

Construction of deck, porch, ramp, pergola, accessory building, exterior, staircase

site plan showing location, setbacks, and remaining open space materials colors (provide actual paint sample) scale drawing catalog copy landscaping plan

Replacement of roof, siding, windows, doors, shutters

specify what will be replaced and their location on the building specs for all replacement materials catalog sample for windows, shutters, doors showing dimensions, materials, etc. colors (provide actual paint sample)

Conditional Use Permit

proposed use zoning classification is proposed use permitted? site plan on site and street parking signage

Parking Lot

Site plan showing dimensions and remaining open space material

Construction of building addition or garage

Site plan showing lot dimensions, setbacks, location of proposed construction, and remaining open space scale drawings of all elevations materials and colors (provide actual paint sample) roof type, pitch, and material construction details/catalog copy for all doors and windows. lighting plan landscaping plan

Rehabilitation of exterior of building

Itemized description for each separate alteration (paint, siding, shutters, trim, windows, repointing, etc.). Include colors, materials, catalog copy for windows, doors, shutters, etc.

Certificate of Appropriateness Fee Shedule

Adopted by the Planning Commission November 24, 2009 Effective January 1, 2010 If multiple projects are included in one COA application, the fee will be that for the project with the highest fee.

No Fee (COA Required)

  • Major in-kind projects, such as the in-kind rehabilitation of the exterior of a building.

  • $35.00

  • The installation of signs, awnings, and visual elements.
  • Repainting (color change) an architectural element
  • Construction of a fence or wall.
  • Major landscaping changes, including tree planting or removal.
  • Construction of patios or walkways.
  • Installation or modification of lighting.
  • Outdoor dining.

  • $60.00

  • Repainting (color change) the exterior of a building.
  • Construction of a deck, porch, ramp, exterior staircase, accessory building, or pergola.
  • Replacement of a roof, siding, windows, doors, or shutters.
  • Conditional use permit.

  • $100.00

  • Construction or alteration of a parking lot.
  • Construction of a building addition or garage.
  • Rehabilitation of the exterior of a building.

  • $500.00

  • Complete demolition or relocation of a building.
  • New construction of a building.

  • Partial Demolition of a Building and Demolition of Accessory Buildings

  • For partial demolition of a building, the following formula will apply: Total square footage of the building times percent of the building to be demolished times $500.00. A minimum fee of $50.00 will be charged.
  • For demolition of accessory buildings, the following formula will apply: Divide the square footage of the accessory building to be demolished by the total square footage of all buildings on the lot and multiply by $500.00. A minimum fee of $50.00 will be charged.

  • Late Fees

    The late fee will be twice the amount charged for a COA application.