The restoration of the Union Church in Bardstown was completed in November of 2016. This is the first brick structure built in Bardstown and is the oldest surviving church building in the City. In 1812 the church was completed and named the Union Church because it was the home of early Protestant congregations. In 1866, under the leadership of Reverend Turner, it became the house of worship for Bardstown’s African-American Baptist Congregation and the name was changed to the First Baptist Church.


RaShae Jennings, The City of Bardstown’s Preservation Coordinator, is working with local historian Dixie Hibbs, Gary Bishop, and John Czerwinsk to create a community archive. In establishing this archive, it will create the ability to house historic artifacts, photographs, documents, audio, and video recordings. The space for the archive was donated by the City of Bardstown and the room is located in the COBEC building. Enough funds have been raised from community members to purchase PastPerfect software which will allow the archival items to be catalogued appropriately. The funding for the renovations of the room has been provided by Mayor Royalty. This includes making the room temperate and humidity appropriate, UV lters, and other general repairs that were needed. Ms. Jennings has experience as an Archivist, Registrar, and Curator. She has performed these duties hands on by previously working in three museums. Her goal is to train volunteers to catalog the collections as she supervises their work. This archive will provide a much needed place to store the historic material that tells the story of Bardstown. Members of the community are encouraged to utilize this space for any private collections. Dixie Hibbs’ collection will be the first to be donated. This will be the first archive for Bardstown to preserve and catalog items such as these. This will allow for the collections continued preservation so future generations will enjoy and understand Bardstown’s unique history. Ms. Jennings will provide updates as the project continues.